The department of chemistry began undergraduate classes in 1962. It was upgraded to post graduate level in 1966. Dr. Mukut Bihari, the founder head of the department played an important role in setting up the department in its early phase. The department was fortunate to have many excellent teachers like Dr. Sheoran and Dr. Khan Chand Gupta. Several teachers of the department like Dr. Mukut Bihari, Dr. Y.C. Rastogi, Dr. Harish Chandra, Dr. Chandra Has and Dr. S.P.S. Jadon have served as the principal of the college. After 1966, the department initiated efforts to foster research. As many as 47 Ph.D. degrees have been awarded to research scholars of the department and over 200 research papers have been published. Two major projects by Dr. C.K. Andhiwal, and one major research project by Dr. S.P.S. Jadon have been successfully completed. Minor research projects have been sanctioned to Dr. Chandrahas, Dr. Manmohan Goyal, Dr. S.P.S. Jadon, Dr. C.K. Andhiwal, Dr. S.C. Gupta and Dr. Vijay Kumar. Dr. Vijay Kumar has also conducted research work in Arizona University, USA. In 2010, the department organised a UGC sponsored National Conference. At present, the department is headed by Dr. Neerja Sharma. She is ably assisted by her colleagues Dr. Roli Agarwal, Dr. Ranvir Singh, Dr. Y.K. Saraswat, and Dr. K. K. Singh, and the non-teaching staff of the department.

Student and teacher strength – At present the department has a sanctioned strength of 13 teachers to teach about 350 undergraduate and 48 postgraduate students.

Curriculum Planning and Implementation – Teacher take graduate and postgraduate classes as per the curriculum prepared before starting of session and take extra classes if syllabus is not covered in the scheduled period.

Learning Resources – Department has various models, charts etc. to explain theatrical problems to students, and various type of equipment and instruments for practical classes.

Additional Study Material – Class notes, additional reading material, online references etc. are provided to students.

Assessment – Regular class tests, quiz, rehearsal of practical exam etc. develop skills to solve question paper and enhance the ability to face the examination.

Learning Outcome – The average pass percentage is 70 – 80%.

Best Practices – Besides the lecture method, use of ICT resources, group discussions, poster presentation, seminar presentation, are used to enhance learning. Career counselling and project work help the student.

Feedback from Stakeholderbs – Student feedback is collected, analysed and communicated to teachers.

Research and Publications – Teacher of the department are actively engaged in writing research papers, seminar preceding, workshops, training courses, etc.

Dr. Maheep Kumar

Associate Professor

Dr. Mohan Kumar

Associate Professor

Mr. Saurabh Chaudhary

Dr. Anil Kumar

Associate Professor and Head of Department

Dr. Teena

Dr. (Smt.) Neerja Sharma

Associate Professor and Head of Department

Dr. (Smt.) Roli Agrawal

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ranvir Singh

Assistant Professor