Department of Applied Business Economics

Starts from:Fri, June 30, 2017 9:30AM - 1:30PM
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Course Feature
  • Number of Teachers 3
  • Success Rate of Students (%) 85
  • Number of Books in the Department Library 3000
Class Description

Through there are three separate and independent department in Faculty of Commerce, they are the offspring of Department of Commerce originally established in this college in the year 1947. At under graduate level the subjects/paper of all these three departments are compulsory and in this way these are the three integrated departments of faculty of commerce for the purpose of B.Com. Programme. As such the brief profile is very much relevant before presenting the complete profile of the department.

Brief profile of faculty of commerce

Faculty of Commerce is the foundation stone of academic infrastructure of this College. In fact, Shri Varshney College is one of the few educational institutions of Northern India, where in the management of the college realised the importance of commerce education as early as in 1947. The University of Agra granted its affiliation in that year for starting B. Com. Classes. Consequently, the Department of Commerce was established and the first batch of students appeared in B.Com. (Final) examination in 1949. As the demand for higher education in commerce gained momentum the University granted permission to the college to start M.Com. Classes with effect from July 1949.