Faculty Of Science

The Science faculty was established in the year 1962 and initially offered Physics, chemistry and mathematics. The departments of Botany (1966), Zoology (1966) and Statistics (1973) were established later. The department of computer science was later established in self finance mode. At present post graduate studies and research facilities are available in the department of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. More than 150 scholars of the science faculty have received their Ph.D. degree till date.

B.Sc: Three degree course is available in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Botany, Zoology and Computer Science. Students can also choose to study Economics, Geography and Defense and Strategic Studies as one of the subjects in combination with the other subjects mentioned above.

The applicant will have to choose one of the following subject combinations for admission to B.Sc. A separate application form for each group must be filled by the applicants:


1. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

2. Physics, Mathematics and Statistics.

3. Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

4. Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

5. Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science.

6. Mathematics, Economics and Statistics.

7. Physics, Mathematics and Geography.

8. Zoology, Botany and Chemistry.

The students who take B.Sc. in computer Science shall be charged Rupees 3500 per annum for the same.

1. For Groups from 1 to 7, applicants must have Mathematics as one of their subjects in their intermediate examinations whereas for Groups 8 they must have Biology at the intermediate level.

2. The students who opt B.Sc. in Computer Science shall be charged Rupees 3500/- per annum for the same.

M.Sc: The college provides education at the Post Graduate level in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.