Brief Overview

Department of Geography was established in 1951 and Professor Hari Krishna Gupt became its head. With the beginning of P.G. classes in 1957, Professor Rao joined the Department as Lecturer, who was later appointed as a Gazetted officer. Later, a number of renowned personalities like Dr. Gopinath Mishra (1958), Dr. P. C. Srivastva (1960), Professor G. L. Varshney (1960), Dr. B.D. Varshney (1969), Dr. Abha Kiran (1977) and Dr. Hari Babu Gupta, Dr. D. D. Gupta joined the Department and gave their valuable contribution. At present Dr. Hari Babu Gupta is the Head of the Department and is well assisted by Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Dr. B. P. Singh, Dr. Nitin Kumar and Dr. Nandita Singh (Mandeya Pravakta).

Student and Teacher Strength –At present the department has a sanctioned strength of 6 teachers to teach about 600 undergraduate and 120 postgraduate students.

Curriculum Planning and Implementation- U.G. and P. G. classes are organized as per the academic calendar and curriculum plan prepared at the beginning of the session. Attention is paid to develop reading, note making and writing skills.

Learning Resources- The college library has a collection of several precious books of Geography. Besides this, the departmental library has some important books, thesis and dissertations for consultation to teachers, research scholars, and meritorious P. G. students.

Additional Study Material - In class notes, additional reading material and appropriate references to online and physical resources are provided to the students. Projector, maps and models are used to enhance the capabilities and understanding of the students.

Assessment - Regular assessment of students through tests to develop better answer writing skill and timely feedback for their improvement.

Learning Outcome - The department has a consistent record with an average pass percentage more than 80%.

Best practices - Besides the lecture method, other teaching methods e.g. ICT learning resources, group discussion, poster presentation, class room seminars, E-learning through ‘What’s app’ group, smart phones and personal computers are used to enrich the teaching learning experience.

Feedback from Stakeholders -To identify the needs of students, anonymous students feedback is collected, summarized and communicated to teachers.

Research and Publications - Geography department has been continuously engaged in research work. About 50 research scholars took Ph.D. from the department till date. Departmental teachers are actively engaged in developing digital content for teaching, participating is seminars and training courses, writing books, research papers and review.

Dr. Hari Babu

Associate professor and Head of Department

Dr. Rajiv Kumar

Associate professor

Dr. B. P. Singh

Associate professor

Dr. Nitin Kumar

Assistant professor

Dr. Nandita Singh

Mandeya Pravkta

Dr. D. D. Gupta

(Retd.) Working in Re-employment Scheme