Department of Drawing and Painting

Department of Drawing and Painting
Starts from:Fri, June 30, 2017
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Course Feature
  • Number of Books in the Department Library 2500
  • Ratio of Research Scholars to Teachers 10 : 3
Class Description

The curriculum of the subject is decided by the University’s Board of Studies which is comprised of 03 external subject experts and 06 internal members, representing subject teachers of U.G. and P.O. Deptt.from its affiliated Colleges. The board of studies decides the courses of Curriculum by analysing the popular existing courses of the different Universities. Member of B.O.S., have succeeded finalising new courses as per the requirements of the University Grants Commission.

Now Days a lot of students are more interested in vocational relevance and practical experience than “pure science” and as a result the Drawing and Painting Courses have increasingly become popular as these courses are compact and the curriculum being more practice-oriented than as other subject curriculums. In the Smaller, often idyllic conservative towns, this department frequently make a lasting impression on the entire character and activity of its faculty members.

The Faculty of Fine Art has already been established among other faculties of this University and if it gets the entire expansion, it would add three more disciplines like. Applied Art, Sculpture and printmaking, which means it is possible to pursue nearly from this prestigious department.