Department of History

Department of History
Starts from:Mon, July 31, 2017 9:30AM - 4:00PM
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  • Success Rate of Students (%) 80
  • Ratio of Research Scholars to Teachers 9 : 2
  • Number of Teachers 5
Class Description

The year 1951 saw the dawn of B. A. classes in History in the College. Sri S. K.  Srivastava served as Head of the combined departments of History and Political Science. In 1953 the department of History was separated from the department of political science. Sri IshwarPrakash Gupta was appointed as Lecturer. 1954 In 1957 Sri R. D. Mathur joined the Department as Lecturer. The post graduate Classes started in 1957. Begum KhursheedNurulHasan (Wife of former Central Minister of Education and Head of the department of History, A.M.U.), was appointed as a Lecturer in 1958. Sri S. K. Srivastava left the department to join as Principal of Shia College, Lucknow. Begum KhursheedNurulHasan took over the charge of Headship of the department. During her tenure, the Department of History secured the services of Sri Dinesh BehariTrivedi, Sri Mahesh Chandra Sharma, Sri M. D. N. Sahi, Sri R. K. Trivedi, Sri Satish Kumar Varshney and Sri Jitendra Vishnu. Sri D. B. Trivedi served the department from 1958 to 1961 and left the department to join as lecturer in Sagar University. Shri M.D.N. Sahi, who joined to 1962 and left the department to join Aligarh Muslim University as Lecturer in History Similarly Sri R. K. Trivedi, who joined the department in 1964 also left the department to join A. M. U., as Lecturer in History. In 1967 Begum KhursheedNurulHasan’ssad demise proved a bolt in the blue to the department. SriSatish Kumar also left the department as he was selected in U.P. PCS. The post graduate Classes were discontinued. In 1968 Sri Jitendra Vishnu was also selected in UPPCS and joined as S.D.M. and left to the department. Shri S.P. Singh was then appointed as Lecturer to look after the department. In 1969 Shri Manga Ram was appointed as lecturer and Postgraduate Classes were revived with specialisation in Ancient Indian History. The department thus earned the credit of being only the second in the University to impart teaching in Ancient Indian History at post graduate level. In 1970 Sri BishanBahadurjoined the department as Lecturer. He started specialisation in Medieval Indian History at Postgraduate level. The department thus acquired the significant status of being the only one in the University to impart teaching in two separate specialisations at P.G. level with only three teachers at its command.