Book Bank Rules

Books are given according to the following rules under Book Bank Scheme-

There is the book bank in the college which provides textbooks for the Dalits and the poor and meritorious students for the full year in a minimal fee.

1. Book bank is for the benefit of the students of the school.

2. The books whose values are less than Rs5 and those whose values are more than Rs 50 will not be bought.

3. The student will have to give a membership of 1% of the total value of the books provided to them per month to the book bank.

4. The number of books provided to each member will be from 2 to 10, which will depend on the availability of the books.

5. In order to manage books from book bank, the students who are poor will be given first preference.

6. The certificate provided by the Village head or Regional representative (Sector Warden) will be considered adequate proof of the income of the guardian with the affidavit of protection.

7. The students of Harijan and backward classes, the dependants of deceased soldiers, Veergati sainiks and teachers who teach in primary schools will be given first preference by the book bank.

8. Last year’s exam result will also be considered.

9. The books issued to the students will have a library receipt in which the values of the books will be provided and 75% of the value will be submitted in the college office. After the examination the student will get the money back after the deduction of fee.

10. The books will be provided for one session only. All the books must be returned in 2 weeks after the end of the examination. If this does not happen, then the examination result of the student will not be announced and the transfer certificate (T.C.) will not be given till he deposits the books and pays the penalty.

11. On returning, if the book is damaged in any way and if there are any mark on the books or the page is less, then its full value will be recovered. After the price is recovered, the damaged book will be given back to the student.

12. The responsibility of the security of the books will be of the students. While taking the book, the information about the damaged book should immediately be given to any staff present in library.

13. While purchasing, priority will be given to those books which are currently purchased between 3 to 5 years.

14. Notes, answer key or Q & A category books will not be purchased.

15. The value of the request letter for books from the book bank is Rs1.

16. The Principal’s decision will be final in any dispute and the students should agree with the decision.