The college has a student welfare fund. Only poor students are provided financial aid from the fund as per the following rules.

1. Those students who want to obtain financial help from the student welfare fund must deposit their application form before the due date in the college office.
2. This financial help will be provided for books, clothes, medicines and to make up for any shortfall in fee.
3. This financial aid will not be given in cash to the student under any condition.
4. The applicant will have to enclose a certificate endorsed by a Gazetted officer/ M.P/ M.L.A/ Sarpanch/ Tehsildar/ Employer with the application form. Under Special circumstances, income certificates endorsed by members of the managing committee of the college and/or teachers can also be considered.
5. After the list of students being granted financial aid is announced, no application for the same shall be entertained.


Meritorious and economically weak students are given scholarships by the social welfare department. Only those students whose parent’s/guardian’s income does not exceed Rs. 2 Lakh per annum are eligible for the scholarship. Students desirous of receiving the scholarship must fill an online application form within 10 days of admission and submit a copy of the application with all the relevant documents and original income certificate to the college. The college will not be responsible if any student does not get the scholarship due to any deficiency in filling or depositing the application form. The student will have to make efforts on their own to obtain the scholarship from the social welfare department.


1. Only the fee as determined by the Education Department of Uttar Pradesh Government and the University will be payable by the students. Each student should collect the receipt of the deposited amount from the clerk. Students should keep the fee receipt safely.
2.The fee once submitted will not be refunded.
3.The exam fees of Dr. B.R.A. University, Agra will have to be paid at the time of admission itself.
4. In case of the first-time admission to Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra, enrolment fees of the university will have to be paid at the time of admission.


Every year poor and meritorious students are given half and full fee concession as per the orders of education department of the Government of U.P. Besides this, bursary, scholarship, book aid and financial aid is also given to the most meritorious students of the university. The principal will provide fee concession to eligible students on the advice of the fee concession committee as per the following rules:

1. The facility of fee concession will normally be given between 1st July to 30th June.
2. If more than one ward of same parents are studying in the college, and their financial status warrants fee concession, then the college principal can consider giving half fee concession to one of them.
3. Such poor and meritorious students of the college, whose parents are unable to deposit their fees because of extreme poverty may also be granted exemption from payment of half or full tuition fees, provided that the annual income of parents does not exceed Rs.15,000/- and their ward has obtained at least 40% marks in the preceding exam.
4. Student will be awarded fee concession only under one clause and it shall be based on poverty and merit. Fee concession will not be given to students who fail in the final exam or indulge in indiscipline or are punished for using unfair means in the exam.
5. The word ‘fee’ in “fee concession” means only tuition fees. No concession will be given in dearness allowance, development fee and student fund etc.
6. Eligible students will be entitled to receive tuition and other fees from the social welfare department of U.P government. This amount is paid directly into the accounts of the eligible students.
7. For fee concession, the applicant will present himself/herself before the fee concession committee (consisting of teachers nominated by the principal and the student who has obtained the maximum marks in the university exam of the previous year. Failure to appear before the committee on the due date will make the student ineligible for fee concession. The applications of students who do not present themselves before the committee shall not be considered for fee concession.