To develop self-control, discipline and a sense of etiquette among students, the college has a proctorial board. The operation and direction of the proctorial board is under the supervision of Chief Proctor who is assisted by a proctorial committee. If necessary, some students may also selected for additional help. Students are required to carry their identity card at all times and produce it for inspection when demanded by any member of the proctorial board. A student who does not have an identity card can be debarred from entering the college premises. The sole responsibility for the security of the Identity Card lies with the student. If the identity card is lost, a duplicate identity card can be issued on submission of a fine of Rs. 50/- along with a passport size photograph in the college. Besides this, the loss of the identity card must be reported to the police and a copy of the report must be submitted in the college along with an affidavit from a notary to this effect.


1. Smoking, chewing tobacco and gutka etc. is strictly prohibited in the college campus. As per the G.O. number 695/70-3-4 (11) /2008 dated 15/4/2008 and letter No. 837/five-8-2008 -33 writ/2007 of chief secretary of government of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow dated 10 March, 2008, the possession and consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other such harmful substances within the college campus is prohibited.

2. Spitting on the stairs, in the corners is a very bad habit and it also soils the walls. Spit only in the spit boxes.

3. Students should talk amongst themselves in a soft and balanced tone in the college campus. They should never talk loudly while standing near the doors of classrooms or moving in the corridor.

4. Students should enter the college office rooms only for important work and after taking prior permission. They are expected to communicate with college officials and employees with decency and etiquette.

5. Student are expected to come to the college in proper dress/uniform.

6. Students must not indulge in bad habits like writing dirty messages/words on the walls, boards, and in toilets.

7. The careful and diligent use, maintenance and security of the college property is the duty of the students. If students observe another student or outsider damaging college property in any manner, they should immediately bring this to the notice of the authorities.

Note: Violation of the rules or discipline in any manner may lead to the expulsion of the student form the institution and information about the same shall be communicated to their guardians.


Every student will have to register at least 75% attendance in a calendar year, failing which, they will forfeit their right to appear for the exams as per the rules of the university. Electronic record of attendance is proposed.


Any certificate like T.T/C.C etc. when demanded by the student shall normally be given 3 working days after submitting the application.


To solve the problems of students belonging to scheduled castes / scheduled tribes and their welfare, the college has a SC/ST cell which is under the supervision of a senior SC/ST teacher.


NCC Senior division / senior wing is established in the college. It is run entirely under the rules and sub rules formulated at the national level. UG students are given the facility to become member of NCC. The process of admitting the students to NCC begins immediately after the admission.


National Service Scheme (NSS) is operational in the college. Its main aim is to train students through social service, enhance their self-confidence and engage them in constructive work. Through this scheme, different activities are undertaken to create awareness among the student about social service programs like community development, health and environment awareness, adult education, literacy, Polio eradication, AIDS awareness and mother & child health programs.


A covered vehicle stand facility is available in the college. Student can park their vehicle safely in the stand after paying the due fee. The students should not park their vehicles on the road or at random places.