For developing the mental and physical abilities of the students of the college adequate facilities for games like Cricket, Hockey, Table Tennis, Basketball, Kabaddi, Weight lifting, Wrestling etc. are available under the guidance of the sports officer / senior teachers and senior players. Students who excel in sports are sent to participate in the sport events of University. Winners are given prizes and certificates commensurate with their achievements.

1. Students for the college team are selected from amongst the proficient and disciplined students who regularly practice the sport of their choice by the games selection committee.
2. The following points are taken into consideration when selecting the captain:
(a) Proficiency in the game (b) Discipline (c) Knowledge of rules of the game (d Efficiency in running the game (e) Seniority f) Selection in the University team.

3. Game Sub rules:
(a) Only those students who are regular students of the college shall be eligible for selection to the college team. Once the team is selected, no modification will be done.
(b) No student who does not fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria shall be selected as a team member of captain.
c) No player selected in the team can become the captain of the team in the very first year of his / her selection.
d) A player selected in a team can become the captain of a team only once.
(e) All details regarding games will have to be given in writing to the games department. The chairman of the games committee (principal) can be requested in writing, and his decision in the matter will be final and binding.

4. Benefits:
Besides, sports facilities and guidance for improving their game, sportspersons of the college are eligible for the following benefits:
(a) Dress: Players are given appropriate dress in accordance with the game and as per the decision of the games committee. No player will be given more than two dresses even if he/she takes part in more than two games.
(b) Blazer: A player/ captain, selected in the university team is given a blazer/ Tracksuit. In no case, will a player be given two blazers.
Special Note: If any report of indiscipline by a player is received by the proctorial board, the facilities given to the concerned player may be withdrawn.